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A REAL digital book.

Beyond the story and the innovative style of the sport, the Ultim8 Football concept is to allow its readers to enjoy a format that uses the technology offered by smartphones and tablets.

The possibilities of these technologies open up new perspectives of formatting, realization, action running and interaction within a story. You enjoy the pleasure of a real digital book !

Exemples de "pages" interactives



New Reading Experience.

Ultim8 Football redefines the standards of reading, offering a greater immersion in history. There are no more little boxes for each scene. In Ultim8 Football, each scene is a full screen. The bigger your screen is, the bigger scene you enjoy !

You relish and fully contemplate what is happening before your eyes.

Pass your finger over to zoom in.



Interactivity !

Ultim8 Football, it’s dynamic, it lives, it moves, and it is interactive.

You do more than just read, you entertain yourself! Many animations are present through the different scenes and you can replay a scene if you wish. You experience it the way you feel it… How great is that ?!

Ultim8 Football - Episode 1 - Chapman

You’d better not take this one in your face !

Hidden contents are also to discover. They allow you to know a little more about the story, the characters and other elements related to this series. Missing these hidden contents does not hinder your understanding of the story, but discovering them enriches it.

So … keep your eyes open !