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A story that will keep you awake.

Angelus Carter is the rising star of the Ultim8 Football Championship, which is played in England. He is looking for his first league title with his team, the Tiger Sharks of London.

But the league is full of talent and experienced players, so to say that it is not going to be a walk for this dear Angelus at all. Actions, entertainment, and twists await you in this epic football odyssey, as you’ve never seen.


The ultimate Championship.

Ultim8 Football is the ultimate football championship. Based in England, it brings together the best players in the world through 16 teams. The game is very technical and super physical.

Muscled contacts are allowed. If you had not noticed the “slightly” imposing stature of the players, look again, you will understand now … it’s better to be strong to play in that league!

Ultim8 Football - Episode 1 - Tiger Sharks



Equipement 8.0

Ultim8 Football’s courts have a straight line layout that distinguishes them from classic football pitches. The fields are covered with sensors that collect as much information about the players, the game, and thus limit arbitration errors.

Ultim8 Football players have specific outfits. On each shirt is the flag of their nationality. Players also wear a protective suit under their jersey that helps protect them from shocks and thus limit injuries.

And the ultimate element of their outfit, which makes them beautiful, gives them class … the shoes! These have a LED outsole, which makes it easy to identify a player of Ultim8 Football, and offer fabulous visual effects depending on the actions of the players. This wows!