Manga and Comics.

Ultim8 Football offers a graphic style mixing Manga style and realistic appearance of the characters. But the overall style of the series leaves room for fantasy.

Ultim8 Football offers a unique and recognizable visual aspect.


Black and White … and Grey.

Why having only 2 shades when you can play with hundreds of others?

One of the originalities of Ultim8 Football is not to be a simple Manga in black and white, but also to integrate many shades of grey, more than 50 (for those who understand the joke!). The goal is once again to offer a unique style to readers.

The originality of Ultim8 Football also continues at the level of the text bubbles and frames. No more classic black text on a white background. Here it’s white on black, but a transparent black. This bias is intended to give a resolutely modern and digital aspect to the series.